Proofing gallery INSTRUCTIONS

Dear Melissa, Joel & Jude,

Your chosen package includes 15 final edited photographs. The following photographs are currently only color corrected and of low resolution for proofing purposes. Please choose your favorites to submit your order of images so I can do the final edits and retouching and let me know if you would like any with a specific crop or size dimensions for a frame.

Additional Photographs

additional photographs can be added for the following prices

1 photo
$ 10
5 photos
$ 45
10 photos
$ 80
15 photos
$ 105
20 photos
$ 120

How to Use the Proofing Gallery

it’s a bit glitchy sometimes šŸ˜› so thanks for your patience – but it still works!


take a look at the photographs


make a note of the file # of your favorites on a piece of paper


once you have decided on your final selection


add images to your order and click
'submit order'

please note: once you click ‘submit order’ an automated error message “oops” is likely to appear, don’t worry I will receive your order correctly even though the error message appears

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