Proofing gallery INSTRUCTIONS

Dear Salty Afro Surf,

Okay so now....imagine 6825 but with Jetsies face from 6841 🙂 HAHA I can do that!

Also, 6932 and 6929 I don't know why.....but I like them, I think we can make the perfect photo by blending both photos.

Additional Photographs

additional photographs can be added for the following prices

1 photo
$ 10
5 photos
$ 45
10 photos
$ 80
15 photos
$ 105
20 photos
$ 120

How to Use the Proofing Gallery

it’s a bit glitchy sometimes 😛 so thanks for your patience – but it still works!


take a look at the photographs


make a note of the file # of your favorites on a piece of paper


once you have decided on your final selection


add images to your order and click
'submit order'

please note: once you click ‘submit order’ an automated error message “oops” is likely to appear, don’t worry I will receive your order correctly even though the error message appears

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