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I am an Australian photographer & designer born and raised in Melbourne and based in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. I’m passionate about photography and graphic design and I make it my mission to encourage you to embrace the beauty in your authenticity.

me & sandy in the studio

sub director

This is me and my studio cat Sandy. From as far back as I can remember I have loved to create visual imagery. Formally trained as a commercial photographer, I am also passionate about creative art direction, graphic design and sometimes (when I am in the mood for it) I like to paint.

the way I see things

As a female photographer in a male dominated field, I understand the importance of empowering individuals to break free from societal norms and get creative and authentic with their projects. My mission is to dare you to do it differently.

My work remains a reflection of the human experience – to connect and inspire through art, beauty, visual storytelling and emotion. My commitment to lifelong learning allows me to evolve as an artist, continuously refining my skills and discovering new ways to express the way I see the world.


my history with creativity

I have always been artistically inclined, from a very young age my father both encouraged and taught me how to draw. As I got older I experimented with analog photography and thats when my love affair with photography began. 

I really loved the challenge, the science and techniques analog photography brought to my creative practice. It allowed me to explore life through photography and create imagery that felt like magic. I could never replicate that exact moment in time no matter how hard I wanted to and that is what fascinated me the most. 

Franceschina, 2008
Photographed On Film

my formal training


During my formative high school years, I was always good at illustration and I felt a lot of pressure from outside sources to study graphic design, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to become a photographer. I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Photography majoring in Portrait & Fashion Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne. Followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media (Honors) also at RMIT University.  

Then there came a time when photography alone didn’t satisfy me entirely though…


my current creative practice


Now, in my mid 30s I have managed to combine all my skills into the one place by offering my services for individuals and brands by creating visual imagery using a range of different mediums. 

Although I don’t shoot film anymore, I do sometimes still use vintage glass on my modern digital camera. My love for analog photography and my roots shooting in black and white can be seen in my work today.

Jefferson, 2021
Photographed Using Vintage Lens

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If you’re ready to stand out and make a lasting impression, let’s collaborate and make magic happen. Get in touch today, and let’s embark on a creative journey that will leave you feeling proud of what we’ve created together!

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